Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sharon Elaine's UnleashedMinds wins and weight loss images and vlogs 8-27-13

Hi All!

Hope you've had a good week!  

First, the wins...  I had three wins this past week. 

A $17 Best Buy card from this sweep:  https://cocacola.promo.eprize.com/nosbestbuy/:b=firefox23/
a Duck Call from the Grizzly sweep (which is now closed)
and a Baby Tee from the Evian sweep:  https://www.facebook.com/evian/app_179491665558042

The winning images below:


Here is my vlog for the week... note that I am/was also in Woman's World again this week! This is my 6th time in the magazine.


For those of you following my Wellness and Weight loss, this is the first video log of a new series I've titled Sharon Elaine's Naked Truth.  You can look for this each week as well.


Have a great week!


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