Friday, 1 April 2011

Lots of new, fun wins!

Hi All!   I've been sending lots of love to my sweeps entries, and doing some words of power (affirmations) for lots of great things (prosperity, abundance, joy, etc.), and within the last THREE days, I have won the following:

1 Scotts Snap Fertilizer System (worth $70)
Fun, Flirty bra from Skinny Cow sweep
Bag of Ghiradelli chocolates
1 Scotts Snap Fertilizer system (worth $70) for my daughter
$100 Lindt gift card

Winning screens shown below.  KEEP ON SWEEPING!  If you haven't won in a while, keep at it, persistence pays off.  I enter my sweeps EVERY DAY.  It goes in streaks, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't and sometimes you get on a roll, like I am lately.  It's all good, stay in the game!

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Sending love and good fortune,