Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sharon Elaine UnleashedMinds wins 9-29-13

Hi All!

I hope you'll view my vlogs this week.  I talk in my winning vlog about how important it is to keep our energy high and positive, and I talk about examples of how we did that this past week!

I also have some good news in my Naked Truth video this week!

My wins for the week:

$50 from Instant Cash Sweeps (here is the link, and you can win small amounts EVERY day.. I usually win at least 20 cents a day).

Free Gerber Graduate product, here is the link:

Vans Cheese Snack pack, here is the link:

Diet Pepsi 2 Liter win, here is the link:

Cliff Bar with Reflective sticker, here is the link:

Monday, 16 September 2013

Sharon Elaine's wins and vlogs 9-16-13

Hi All!

Here are my vlogs for the week:

Sharon Elaine's Naked Truth:

Sharon Elaine's wins:

My wins:

The above is a $35 Electronic Masterlock

The link to the above sweep is:

The link to the above sweep is:

Use this code:  KICKOFF

Happy Winning!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Sharon Elaine's Wins and Wellness/Weight Loss from this past week - 9-2-13

Hi All, hope you had a great week.

For anyone following my Wellness/weight Loss Adventure, I've now dropped 16 pounds.  Here is this week's Sharon Elaine's Naked Truth video:

For anyone following my wins, I've won four items this week and here is my winning vlog:

$60 Urban-ears heaphones from Fris Vodka Facebook:
$10 Live Nation code from Mamba sweep:
$25 Live Nation code from Dunkin Donuts (which is now closed)
$25 Olive Garden card from Simon Sweep:

Here are the winning screens (the first one I got a winning email, it was not an Instant Win):


Also, I'm reminding everyone this week about my book, "The Book of Affirmations" (which is endorsed by Dr. Deepak Chopra).  It is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in print, Kindle, Nook, and iStore formats
Be sure to check out our Facebook page to enter our current sweep! See you next week, Happy Winning!