Sunday, 26 June 2011

Catching UP, lots of good creations!

So many wonderful things have come to me lately that I sometimes forget to stop and look back and be grateful for it all.   Only a month or so ago I was wondering if I'd ever get the job I really wanted, and was stressed about my son's upcoming graduation from high school due to all the work it would be to organize his Graduation Party.

Now I look back at how proud I am of my son and also how proud I am that we orchestrated a great Graduation party.  I also remained open to all possibilities and went back and forth between two great job offers for a bit... and finally chose one that makes me very happy.  I was able to negotiate a salary that pleases me, and also work out the details to work on the catalog category and the office I wanted at my new job.

I also have continued with some great wins.  Please check out my web site at and then click on "sweepstakes" in the left-hand column to keep up with my wins.

Stay positive, keep your energy light, accept your own power and create the life of your dreams!  Have a great month!