Friday, 18 March 2011

Affirmations for Perfect Employment

Hi All,

So while I was doing some Affirmations and Words of Power for my Perfect Employment this past week, things took an interesting turn.   I expected to get an invitation to work full time at the temporary job I have been working at (and enjoying) for the past seven months.  The rumor mill had indicated that this was imminent.  Instead, even they were surprised when they were told by higher-ups that they'd need to limit my days to three days a week, and would not be able to hire anyone new for some time.

Hmmmm.  In the meantime I just "happened" to find a new temporary job listing, closer to home, which pays more money, and promises more interesting work.  I applied for it through my temp agency.

Now I have been told from my previous job, that they want me five days a week again, AND this new job wants to interview me, due to my impressive resume.  What to do?

I smiled at the idea of having so much abundance of offers that I literally get to choose.  How many people would love such a dilemma?   Sure, it means I will need to re-take some online tests this weekend, to prove to the new company I have the skills I brag about on my resume.  But even that doesn't dampen my glee. 

I will continue doing affirmations and keep my energy powerful and light this weekend, and into next week as I embrace all who are wanting to hire me.  I enjoy all the many types of work I do (writing here at home, winning sweepstakes, teaching classes at our local college, and the office work I also do), so I continue to embrace them all and let things unfold beautifully.

Here are a few affirmations for manifesting your perfect employment:

Every moment my perfect employment comes closer to me
My perfect clients/employer find(s) me easily now
I'm loving my new perfect employment
I am now making an extra $2 an hour (or insert desired amount)
Today I receive great news about my perfect employment

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Inevitable First Post

Hello to all who wander into my blog.   I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences with my weight reduction/health focus, as well as Sweepstakes wins, and how I use positive affirmations in all areas of my life.

I also have some motivational thoughts here and there, and some questions I ask myself too, which I may give you to ask of yourself as well.

I'm flexible, and will enjoy seeing this evolve.  Thank you for joining in on the journey.

For now, I'd like to invite you to check out my web page:  to find out a bit more about me, about my books, and about my almost-daily wins.

Talk with you again soon!